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Computer Cabling & Networking Solutions @ Everyday Low Prices!

 ITEM: >   318969 > $1.05

Unshielded Twisted-Pair Patch Cable with Molded Boots (UTP) CAT. 5e

Color: YELLOW Size\Length: 3 ft. Part No.318969

Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) Patch cable, 350MHz, Category 5. 4 x 2 conductors for: IEEE 802.3, 10BaseT, Token-Ring and IBMr Cabling systems. 2 x RJ45 connectors. Standard Configuration useable for Token-Ring and Ethernet. (other configurations on request) UL Listed, EIA/TIA Approved, SCA Certified, Cat 5 tested.

DRIVERS:  GET PRODUCT DRIVERS FOR 318969 if Available!   More Spec's:  GET More Specifications FOR 318969 if Available!   ITEM FAQ's:  GET PRODUCT MANUAL and/Or PDF FOR 318969 if Available!   Video:  View Video File FOR 318969 if Available!   Audio:  Listen to Sales-Pitch File FOR 318969 if Available!  
Compatibility:  ITEM DESIGNED and Tested with OPERATING SYSTEM
Platform: ITEM DESIGNED and Tested with SYSTEM
Warranty: ONE YEAR!
In-stock: Yes
PART NO: 318969
Size\Length: 3 ft.
Our Low Price $1.05   
Quantity:      ITEM AVAILABLE TO SHIP SAME DAY!   We Accept Visa Master Card And American Express as Well as Purchase Orders!

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